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The innovative,
new face mask
that protects in style

Protect yourself in style with Breaze, the ultimate face mask that combines revolutionary design and innovative technology.
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Fashion forward!

Breaze always looks good. Both on and off!


Life's a breaze!

Breathing safely has never been this easy.

Breaze is made of soft, ultralight and breathable stretch fabric.
Always perfectly adjustable without fiddly straps or uncomfortable elastics.
Breaze is the result of innovative research and technology.
It contains a replaceable, high-protection filter, which can be washed an reused. Simple and sustainable!

Cut for comfort

Classic face masks, designed for the general public, come with a set of disadvantages. Not only is their protection level inferior to that of an masks for healthcare professionals, they come with impractical straps or fiddly and often painful elastics.

BREAZE comes in a soft, comfortable stretch fabric that covers nose, mouth and neck of its wearer. It is easy to put on and take off and does not require any extra handling during wearing. Its customisable design makes it the ideal – and fashionable – alternative for all target groups.

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Revolutionary design

  • Fully covers mouth and nose.
  • Easy to put on & take off: requires no extra handling.
  • Comes without uncomfortable straps or elastics.
  • Super light.
  • Looks very fashionable.
  • Made of comfortable stretch fabric.
  • The sustainable alternative: washable and reusable.
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So many looks, so many moments.

Innovative technology

BREAZE works with an ultra-thin and removable filter. It offers you optimal efficiency, protection and comfort.

  • Soft, durable and big filter (15 cm x 15 cm)
  • Extra comfortable with air permeability of >1.000l/m
  • Removable, easy to replace
  • Microfibre filter fabric
  • Water- and alcohol repellent, hydrophobic

Protect yourself in style

So many moments, so many looks.

Stylish and safe
on the move


Comfortable for
active runners

Safe and warm for
winter sports